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Boxing Head Guard Size Guides

Its great news from Vanquish Boxing as we continue to make great new products and set our standards very high we have some more good news regarding our head guards.

Would you buy a pair of shoes without knowing what size you are? well why would you spend all that hard earned money on a head guard, only guessing what size you are going to be?

Vanquish boxing have produced a new size chart so that you can know exactly what size head guard you will be.


All you have to do to have a perfectly fitting head guard is firstly measure your head in centimetres around your forehead, the next step you just use the following size chart and then you will know which head guard will fit you exactly.

The following size chart works for all of our head guards.

Small – 52 Centimetres and below

Medium – Between 52 Centimetres and 54 Centimetres

Large – Between 55 Centimetres and 56 Centimetres

Extra Large – 56 Centimetres and above

All you have to do is now buy a head guard from us and then the next step is to learn how to move your head.

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