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Boxing Training – Hill Sprints

There are so many different methods to get yourself fit for boxing training but we believe that one of the best of them is hill sprints. Many boxer’s prefer to go on long steady runs which is great for weight loss but your body takes 30 minutes of running before you start burning fat. So this process can become very time consuming.

We will explain how to get the best results from hill sprints and why we think they are so beneficial to boxing.

Hill Sprints can be done in many different ways and they are great for recovery work. In boxing you work hard for a while then you generally get a break which is exactly like hill sprints.

All you need to do is find some space to run 50 to 100 yards (preferably up hill) if you cant find anywhere then flat land is still okay. All you now need to do once you have warmed up is sprint up the hill as quick as you can and then jog straight back down and continue this as many times as you can. If you reach eight, do this a couple of times a week for two weeks then try moving on to nine. You will notice how much this benefits your boxing training.

Once this gets to easy you can start doing exercises at the top of the hill. For example you could do ten press ups at the top of the hill. If you had a boxing trainer you could have him at the top holding pads so you could do a 20 second pad routine after every sprint. This will teach you carry on punching even when you are tired.

If you haven’t got any space you can even do this in small areas. You can sprint on the spot for 30 seconds and then jog for 15 seconds and keep repeating this. You can also substitute the sprinting for very fast skipping on the rope and then slow skipping this can also produce great results and be done in the gym.

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