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Boxing Training In Nottingham

Anyone wanting to get into incredible shape in the Nottingham area, really should think about giving boxing training a try at www.ultraboxing.co.uk. Boxing has been the chosen sport for so many top celebrities for along time now and this must surely be for good reason. Both boxing and Mixed Martial Arts is available either on a one to one basis or through a group class.

Ultra Boxing provides an ultimate workout that has been designed to burn around 1000 calories an hour whilst at the same time being very enjoyable. Many people are bored of  running the treadmills at the gym and are deciding to give boxing a try. The boxing club has a great atmosphere and everyone who attends the club will always be friendly and ancouraging.

Whether you choose boxing or MMA  you will receive a first class workout in a friendly enjoyable atmosphere along with many great fitness techniques that get you into the shape of your life. Many people have become fit through Ultra Boxing you can see this through the testimonial page on the site and this has a great impact on their life’s.

What are you waiting for? and please remember when you do train, remember to wear Vanquish Boxing products.

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