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Calling All Spartan’s

Here is a great event for all you Combat Enthusiast’s, Spartan Race is currently taking the UK by storm. Across five area’s in the UK you get the chance to take part in the Spartan Events. This would be a great way to start the new year and also supplement your chosen combat sport.

There are three levels of challenges, starting with a Spartan Sprint that includes a 5k race with 20 obstacles. If this sounds demanding don’t worry you have five months to get on with your training as the first race starts in London on July 22nd.

Spartan Super is the next level, a 12k race with 30 obstacles  and finally for any elite athelite the Spartan Beast this is a 20k race with 50 obstacles.

Spartan Race is expecting around 20,000 competitior’s across the UK. This really would be a great way add some excitement for the training of your chosen sport.

If you would like anymore information please go to www.spartanrace.com

Vanquish Boxing and MMA advice, get training hard those five month’s will soon pass.

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