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David Price Could Be Britains New Lennox Lewis

What a time for a great British Star to arise, amongst all the controversy surrounding the Boxing Heavy weight Division. Davis Price well and truly put his name on everyone in the boxing worlds lips with that great performance against Sam Sexton.

Sam Sexton who is very durable hardly managed to land a clean shot and at times Price’s piston like jab looked just as good as Lennox Lewis. Price has been accused of having a suspect chin, this has still yet to be proven but he certainly did prove that he had a great defence.

David price who has eleven knockouts in thirteen wins, has been sparring with the Klitschko’s, this will do him a world of good and it shows the expectation his trainers have in him.

Frank Maloney who steered Lennox Lewis to a world title and a period of multi million pound dominance over the heavyweight division. Many boxing pundits are predicting that he will do the same with Price.

It would be great for all British boxing fans for Price to face the winner of the Haye verses Chisora fight.

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