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Mayweather Versus Cotto

Floyd Mayweather is preparing to take on Miguel Cotto on May 5th in MGM Grand, many experts are reporting that this will be an easy match up for Floyd Mayweather. There are only a few others that think that Cotto has got a slight chance.

Cotto has only lost twice in his entire professional boxing career and arguable the two defeats can be both accounted for. There was in incident with Margarita’s illegal hand wraps and many people believe he was weight drained for the Pacquiao loss.

Cotto is a world class opponent and credit has got to be given to Floyd Mayweather for making this fight at 154 pounds. Floyd normally operates at 147 pounds so this could be an interesting factor. Although Miguel Cotto is ranked 10 pound for pound we feel this is unfair and this is his chance to prove to all of the doubters how good he is.

We believe that Floyd’s defensive wizardry will be too much for the Puerto Rican although Cotto should have a strength advantage.

This is one half of the deciding fight that should set up Mayweather Pacquiao. We think that Pacquiao has the harder opponent and a potential loss will surely result in the end of the talk of Mayweather Pacquiao super fight.

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