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What a time for a great British Star to arise, amongst all the controversy surrounding the Boxing Heavy weight Division. Davis Price well and truly put his name on everyone in the boxing worlds lips with that great performance against Sam Sexton.

Sam Sexton who is very durable hardly managed to land a clean shot and at times Price’s piston like jab looked just as good as Lennox Lewis. Price has been accused of having a suspect chin, this has still yet to be proven but he certainly did prove that he had a great defence.

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Amazing news for all boxing fans Juan Manuel Marquez looks to be boxing Erik Morales on the 14th July 2012 at the Cowboys Stadium in Texas. This will be a great chance to see which of these warriors has more left in the tank.

This is a clever move by Bob Arum as this will be a great fight and should be a sell out crowd due to all of the Mexicans in Texas. Its also good news as there was rumours that Juan Manuel Marquez might be contemplating retirement.

It should be a very hard fight to call but we believe that Marquez would win the fight, possibly by a late stoppage, although Marquez is two years older than Morales we will still think Marquez will be able to use his boxing skills. This is a great fight for everyone to look forward to.

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This is great news for anyone wanting to order Vanquish Boxing Equipment, you can now order your equipment straight through the site, as we now ship direct to USA, Canada and Europe. As the demand for Vanquish Boxing Equipment is ever increasing we have made it even easier for you to order the equipment.

The shipping will take only 7 working days wherever you are in the world. The other good news is that we will be able to track your parcel as it will be sent to you by recorded delivery.


So you can have these amazing gloves delivered to you for just an additional £9.99

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Its great news from Vanquish Boxing as we continue to make great new products and set our standards very high we have some more good news regarding our head guards.

Would you buy a pair of shoes without knowing what size you are? well why would you spend all that hard earned money on a head guard, only guessing what size you are going to be?

Vanquish boxing have produced a new size chart so that you can know exactly what size head guard you will be.


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There is so much conflicting advice when it comes to weight loss information. Nothing substitutes a good balanced diet and a good exercise regime. There are so many diets out there that miss a certain food group to lose weight. For example the main one at the minute seems to be against eating carbohydrates. We here at Vanquish Boxing believe that to lose weight safely you shouldn’t miss out on eating carbohydrates.

We understand that if you do not eat carbohydrates then you can get some fast weight loss results, but we believe you do not have to miss out on them as they have many great health benefits, they are the most easily obtained energy, they help keep your blood sugar levels constant and they also benefit digestion. There are many more great health benefits of eating carbohydrates so it is not a good idea to miss them out of your diet.  We are going to list some proven steps to lose weight.

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Anyone wanting to get into incredible shape in the Nottingham area, really should think about giving boxing training a try at www.ultraboxing.co.uk. Boxing has been the chosen sport for so many top celebrities for along time now and this must surely be for good reason. Both boxing and Mixed Martial Arts is available either on a one to one basis or through a group class.

Ultra Boxing provides an ultimate workout that has been designed to burn around 1000 calories an hour whilst at the same time being very enjoyable. Many people are bored of  running the treadmills at the gym and are deciding to give boxing a try. The boxing club has a great atmosphere and everyone who attends the club will always be friendly and ancouraging.

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Floyd Mayweather is preparing to take on Miguel Cotto on May 5th in MGM Grand, many experts are reporting that this will be an easy match up for Floyd Mayweather. There are only a few others that think that Cotto has got a slight chance.

Cotto has only lost twice in his entire professional boxing career and arguable the two defeats can be both accounted for. There was in incident with Margarita’s illegal hand wraps and many people believe he was weight drained for the Pacquiao loss.

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Double Wrist Strap Sparring Gloves

Vanquish Boxing and MMA are very proud to present Double Wrist Strap Sparring Gloves now available in 18 oz. These Double Wrist Strap Sparring Gloves have been moving off the shelves really quickly so we decided to produce an 18 oz option. Available from:


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There are so many different methods to get yourself fit for boxing training but we believe that one of the best of them is hill sprints. Many boxer’s prefer to go on long steady runs which is great for weight loss but your body takes 30 minutes of running before you start burning fat. So this process can become very time consuming.

We will explain how to get the best results from hill sprints and why we think they are so beneficial to boxing.

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Here is a great event for all you Combat Enthusiast’s, Spartan Race is currently taking the UK by storm. Across five area’s in the UK you get the chance to take part in the Spartan Events. This would be a great way to start the new year and also supplement your chosen combat sport.

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