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Weight Loss Tips

There is so much conflicting advice when it comes to weight loss information. Nothing substitutes a good balanced diet and a good exercise regime. There are so many diets out there that miss a certain food group to lose weight. For example the main one at the minute seems to be against eating carbohydrates. We here at Vanquish Boxing believe that to lose weight safely you shouldn’t miss out on eating carbohydrates.

We understand that if you do not eat carbohydrates then you can get some fast weight loss results, but we believe you do not have to miss out on them as they have many great health benefits, they are the most easily obtained energy, they help keep your blood sugar levels constant and they also benefit digestion. There are many more great health benefits of eating carbohydrates so it is not a good idea to miss them out of your diet.  We are going to list some proven steps to lose weight.

Step 1) Drink a glass of water before every meal, this has been proven to speed metabolism by a massive 30 percent.

Step 2) Eat plenty of vegetables, especially green ones. This helps your body burn food at a higher rate.

Step 3) Eat 5 / 6 small meals a day, this also speeds metabolism, as your body is constantly getting food, your body gets rid of waste faster.

Step 4) Try to have one yogurt a day, yogurt has been proven to speed metabolism.

Step 5) A very obvious one, stay away from any type of fast food.

Step 6) This is a great way to know how much portion sizes that you should be eating. You use the palm of your hand to measure the portion sizes for carbohydrates and proteins and the full circumferences of your hand for the amount of vegetables you should eat.

These steps show how you can lose weight safely and effectively. Exercise is also a very important part of it, of course Boxing and MMA is a great way to get into shape and Vanquish Boxing can provide you with all of your training gear to get you into incredible shape.

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