Vanquish Red Leather Sparring Gloves

This durable and highly comfortable sparring glove is made from top grade hide leather which gives outstanding quality. One of the main benefits of wearing leather sparring gloves is that the glove will give a customised fit once you have trained in the glove a few times. You will be amazed at the quality of the glove which has been proven to stand the test of time. Also check Best Boxing Gloves review.

The glove is made with double stitching to ensure the glove will last for along time. The glove has a hook and loop which will provides ultimate protection to your thumb. Thick top grade hide leather has been used along with a high quality Velcro wrist strap allowing the glove to be very easy to put on quickly for ring work.

Red leather sparring gloves not only look and feel fantastic during sparring sessions, but they are an essential to any boxer.

Sparring gloves are key during boxing sessions as they give your hands and wrists optimum support and protection whilst training. To achieve this, most sparring gloves feature high grade leather which is an extremely durable material, but also flexible enough to allow your knuckles and fists movement whilst sparring.

To protect your wrists these red leather sparring gloves have a strong velcro strap to keep the glove secure, and your wrist straight when punching. Leather sparring gloves also feature dense foam that the leather wraps around to provide a soft and protective shell for your hand. Over time the dense foam will mould to your fist and hand shape, which will only increases the comfort of leather sparring gloves.

Original Price: £26.99

SALE PRICE: £24.99